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The Historical Almanac

This project, which covers the first 150 years of Nottingham Forest, will be published in three volumes and contain a wealth of unpublished information about the club, especially concerning the early days.

Attention Subscribers!

UPDATE 25/4/16: PDFs of tickets are being sent out this week for the adjusted date (see below).

The Historical Almanac has taken several years to prepare and, after a few hiccups, will be printed soon. All subscribers will be invited to a special event where they will be able to collect their books and meet Forest players from the past to sign their copies. We are now happy to confirm that this event will be held at the Southbank Bar on Trent Bridge on Wednesday 8th June. If you live outside Nottingham and / or cannot attend, your books will be posted / hand delivered as usual. Each subscriber will be offered a free ticket plus one to bring a guest with them on the night. It will be a ticket only event and you can email us at the usual address to confirm your attendance.

Updates & News

In order to try and keep everyone up to date with developments, all communications will now be done through this website and / or via direct emails to subscribers only. The FaceBook page will be re-launched when the books are printed and ready for collection / posting out.

Founding Forest

Not much has been published about the actual founding of Nottingham Forest. Most histories cover similar, vague, ground and there have been inconsistancies over who, when and even where the first meeting took place. A taste of what the Almanac has uncovered will be posted on Christmas Eve.

Mystery Man

The name of William Hickling doesn’t appear in any books on the history of Nottingham Forest. Until now. He might be something of a tangential figure in the club’s history but in the early days it was a lot of these tangential stories that came together and led to the formation of the club. So who was Hickling, and what did he do?

(to be continued)

A Victorian Christmas Tale

Please come back soon for a Victorian tale, and the closest actual date of Forest's founding published to date.

Then we will be posting the real story behind the myth that Forest wore Derby shirts for their 1898 FA Cup winning team photo.

Records Published in the Almanac

Many books have previously attempted to document all of Nottingham Forest's results, games and line-ups and some heroic efforts have been made to gather this information together. In 2006 we were lucky enough to work with the late Ken Smales on the Official Statistical History of the club, but since then we have unearthed a massive amount of further information which will make the Almanac the most detailed Forest record ever published.

Back Catalogue

Details of previous Forest books will be posted here in the future.

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